Vitalpharm CJSC is a family company existing since 1999. The Founder and permanent head is Vyacheslav Androsov, PhD candidate in pharmaceutics, MBA.

Our story began with the manufacturing of car first aid kits. Step by step increasing the range of products for convenience and safety, our company is one of the first to market a line of automotive kits. Our kits are equipped with everything necessary for the convenience and safety of the driver, as well as for car maintenance.

An important direction in our manufacturing is medical products.

We produce medical oilcloth from polyvinylchloride (PVC), medical PVC syringes, first-aid kits for primary care in the most various situations in every-day life and on productions, harnesses hemostatic.

In our own sewing shops we make mattress covers in a baby cot and a carriage, mattresses for swaddling, protective aprons for creative works, bibs for feeding of kids using our medical oilcloth made on the basis of 100% cotton.

Oilcloth production CJSC "Vitalfarm" has obvious advantages: heat conductivity, softness, gas-permeability, wear-resistance, pleasant colors. In hospitals, oilcloth is used for covering medical furniture and making mattress covers, because it provides comfort to patients, prevents the formation of bedsores.

We produce various baby products under two brands:

«Витоша» and «Вит-Фит»: gauze breathable diapers, nets to protect against insects for cots and strollers; products for walking: waterproof overalls made of material with PU, raincoats for strollers, sledge seat, hand muffs, raincoats for children, as well as comfortable, durable and beautiful bags of different models and colors.

Today CJSC Vitalpharm works at the auto, pharma markets, in the market of industrial medicine, realizes the production in the largest children's shops.

We continue to develop, increase the range, strengthen existing partnerships and establish new ones. Our goal: to improve the quality of life by providing people with medical products and first aid facilities for health and comfort.

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